AVG Internet Security Install Guide

How to install the AVG security product

5 Strategies for Better ‘Link Building’ and Improving Your SEO

The digital marketing world has seen more changes in the past two years than over the last 10 years combined, thanks to the release of Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates.

How to Do an SEO Audit of Your Website

Because search engine optimization (SEO) best practices and procedures change all the time, business owners should conduct periodic assessments to determine whether or not adjustments need to be made.

Technology That Helps Small Business Stay Even the Big Players

A clear gap is emerging between ecommerce behemoths such as Amazon and eBay and the small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) competing with them. However, new technology services can help SMBs in the ecommerce space identify and measure key business metrics and even begin to gain parity in many important areas.

Speed and Reliability are Key When Choosing an Ecommerce Web Hosting Solution

Seemingly minute differences in performance translate into big losses when you operate 24/7.

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eStokvel Management System (Standard Module)

Kelbix eStokvel Management System (Standard Module)

Kelbix Stokvel Technology makes it possible to store all of this information securely online and to make it available to the stokvel administrators and members for each private group as and when they need it.

Web hosting advertising

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Over A Billion Malicious Ad Impressions Exploited

The infamous eGobbler hacking group that surfaced online earlier this year with massive malvertising campaigns has now been caught running a new campaign exploiting two browser vulnerabilities to show intrusive pop-up ads and forcefully redirect users to malicious websites.

Comodo Forums Hack Exposes 245,000 Users’ Data — Recent vBulletin 0-day Used

Cybersecurity company Comodo has become one of the major victims of a recently disclosed vBulletin 0-day vulnerability, exposing login account information of over nearly 245,000 users registered with the Comodo Forums websites.

WordPress Plugin Used by 300,000+ Sites Found Vulnerable to SQL Injection Attack

A SQL Injection vulnerability has been discovered in one of the most popular Wordpress plugins, installed on over 300,000 websites, which could be exploited by hackers to steal databases and possibly hijack the affected sites remotely.

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