eStokvel Management System (Standard Module)

eStokvel Management System (Standard Module)

How to start your Online Stokvel Management System?

Domain name

You need to register a domain name


You are required to have a Tomcat (JAVA) hosting account in other to deploy and run our systems


Get your Stokvel web app up and running and start making your earnings

Why choose our Stokvel Management System? More than 200 stokvel operators deployed our systems

Domain Registration & Hosting (ADDON – OPTIONAL)
Admin Panel Interface
Members’ Dashboard Interface
Deposits AND Deposits requests
Pending Withdrawals AND Approved Withdrawals
Withdrawal requests AND Withdrawal Confirmation
Support Messages Management
Bulk Messages via email and SMS
Referrals, Statistics Charts
Down-Liner and Up-Liners Management
Affiliates Management: (Addon - Optional)
Fully Automated Systems
Email and CellPhone Registrations
Email and CellPhone Notifications
Online Live Chat Support 24/7 Feature
High Security Technology built with JAVA
3 months Java Hosting included

Need Stokvel App?
Domain, Hosting and Stokvel Web App: We Can Help.

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Web app that provides API and runtime environment for scripting and running enterprise software, including network applications and web-services.

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Proven Architecture
Kelbix Stokvel compiles mainstream JVM technologies into a powerful environment, responding to modern development standards and common requirements of business applications.

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Rich Ecosystem

Our common features like data access control, users management, admin tools, reporting or BPM virtually with a mouse click.

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Get your Stokvel System up and running today More than 200 Stokvel Operators have deployed our system! TAKE A VIEW OF HOW OUR SYSTEM LOOKS

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